CorelCAD 2020 – electronic license

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An afforable CAD program for faster design and better creation

Available for Windows and MacOS, CorelCAD 2020 enables designers to achieve professional results faster than before, thanks to 2D design innovations, improved compatibility, and customization options all through a comprehensible user interface.

CorelCAD 2020 extends the ability to draw with upgraded 2D drawing tools, enabling a natural transition from 2D to advanced 3D design. An intuitive and customizable user interface makes superior graphics even easier to create. Collaboration with colleagues and suppliers is easy due to native support for .DWG formats, as well as other popular formats. An additional advantage comes from the CorelCAD Mobile, an Android application that allows users to bring their design and ideas wherever they go.

Key new features

Better layout management.CorelCAD 2020 has features that keep layers under control, manage appearance of design components, and view layers content. The new MergeLayer command allows you to merge layers into a single destination layer and delete the overlapping layers of the drawings. Layer States Manager is the hub for storing, restoring, and managing layers and layer properties configurations. You can also edit layer properties or save them so that you can share them with others in different projects.

Better modeling of rigid objects. The new PolySolid command allows you to draw 3D bodies in the form of polygonal walls. 2D forms such as arches or lines can now be extruded into the 3D model, using the Push and Pull command. The new command ChamferEdges simplifies the creation of recessed edges on a range of component parts, from concrete slabs to roof constructions. CorelCAD 2020 can also cut and cut rigid objects and edit edges and bodies of 3D shapes.

Better restore of drawings and drafts. If a system crash occurs due to hardware problems, power failure, or software problems, the new Drawing Recovery Manager palette displays automatically saved backups of available files for each draft that was open when the application unexpectedly turned off.

File authentification. When working on shared projects, CorelCAD 2020 allows you new authentication commands. Connects to files with digital signatures, a block of encrypted information that identifies the original file owner, and indicates whether there was any change from the time of signing.

DWG file support. You can open and edit AutoCAD .DWG files, including those created using AutoCAD subscription versions. CorelCAD 2020 is also automatically saved in AutoCAD 2018 .DWG format. This means that there is full compatibility in collaboration with partners and users who work with .DWG formats.

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