IRIS Cardiris Pro 5 software

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Turn all your business cards into digital contacts.

Extracts data from scanned business cards automatically. Cardiris™ takes care of all the tedious retyping job for you! Scan every single business card you have been collecting for so long and the software will automatically extract all key data (name, company, phone number…) and export the digital contacts to your favorite contact manager (Outlook, Lotus Notes, ACT!…).

Designed for your scanner. Cardiriscomes bundled with our mobile scanner IRISCard™ Anywhere 5, but of course it will work perfectly with your flatbed/sheet-fed/portable scanner if you already have one – no need to buy a new one since Cardiris™ is available as stand-alone and is compatible with all major scanner brands on the market.

All your contacts within reach. Thanks to its dedicated Cloud connectors, Cardiris lets you export all your contacts to Salesforce, Google Contacts and more. All your business contacts will now be safely backed-up and accessible when and where you need them the most!

Powerful tool for managing duplicates. Cardiris can scan through your business cards and compare them all automatically, and determine what info/contact you want to save, update or discard.

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