IRISPen Executive 7

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IRISPen Executive 7 – You highlight, it types !

Simply slide the IRISPen over printed text or numbers from newspapers, magazines, invoices, faxes, letters, etc. and the text will automatically be retyped in your computer using I.R.I.S.’ embedded Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Even signatures or small graphics can be scanned with the digital highlighter.

IRISPen Executive 7 works with any application – simply place your cursor into any application, and the scanned text, numbers or images will automatically appear at the cursor position. It doesn’t matter if you use Word, Excel, or any other text editing application or web-based editor. If you can type it in, the IRISPen will also be able to handle it for you!

The provided software features an integrated translation functionality for over 40 languages.

IRIScan Executive 7 – Resources :

  • Portable and USB-powered
  • Text and numbers recognition
  • Works with Word, Excel®, Outlook®, etc
  • Translates in over 40 languages
  • Works with any application

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