Pantone Essentials Plus Series

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Pantone Essentials Plus Series  is a set of indispensable colour guides that every print and graphic design professional should have to ensure creative flexibility and quality results.

Bundle includes:

  • FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated
  • FORMULA GUIDE Solid Uncoated
  • COLOR BRIDGE® Coated
  • COLOR BRIDGE® Uncoated
  • CMYK Coated
  • CMYK Uncoated


• 1,677 solid color choices
• sRGB and HTML values provided for solid colors
• 2,868 CMYK color choices, with screen tint percentages
• Coated and uncoated stocks
• Portable fan guide formats
• Text weight paper stocks
• PANTONE COLOR MANAGER – software for updating PANTONE Colors in popular design applications

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