We will cherish your efforts.

Before we ask you to join our team, an introduction is in order!


Who’s behind HSM? We are smart, creative people who love being a part of a team in an open-minded environment. We love learning, new technologies, hanging out together after work, as well as enjoying our private time. What do we do when we’re at work? Shortly, we adjust technology to our clients’ needs. We try to solve their business challenges, together. We are focused on implementation and consulting for the Salesforce CRM solution, while a part of our team is dedicated to distributing leading world class software and hardware solutions.  


Even though we are a tech company, the core of HSM is in our slogan – Human Sense Moves technology and business. This is sort of a homage to the human touch we believe is the soul of our story. People are the key. Without our employees, there is no HSM and that is why it is important to us that we are a good fit. 

What makes us what we are? What do we believe in?


This is us! Now it’s your turn. Give us a chance to get to know you. 

This sounds interesting to you and you believe we are a good match? Then check out the positions we currently have open. Even if we don’t have anything open, maybe you’ll change our minds. An open job application is always a good idea! 


None of these fit you?

No worries. Go ahead and send us your CV anyway. We might need your skillset in the future, or could find you interesting and ask for a chat. We strive to be dynamic and adapt to the times and circumstances, there might be something for you at HSM but we will never know unless you go for it and reach out.