About us

HSM informatika was founded in 1990 in Zagreb, Croatia, where our headquarters is still located. Over the years we have expanded our business on all the countries in the region, which we cover from our offices in Belgrade and Sarajevo. During the last several years we have been performing more strongly in the EU market, especially in the distribution and software solutions integration segment. We are specialized in the distribution of software and hardware solutions and their integration in the companies’ business environment.

How can we help your organization?

We’ve been doing business for a long time and we had a long way to go during these 25 years. A lot of thing have changed during this time. And they changed significantly. Of course, we were also constantly changing. But what matters has stayed the same. Competent people who made and who make HSM, the ability to always provide people with the complete solution, as well as years of building good relations with numerous associates and business partners. That is precisely the reason for our years of stability and quality in the world of changing values.

We continuously follow trends in our fields of specialization. By providing overall solutions, from consulting and education to sales, implementation and technical support, we successfully respond to all users’ questions. For organizations of all sorts and sizes, from government administration to companies of various industries and non-profits, we enable increase in efficiency, cost-reduction and optimization of business processes.

The areas we work in. Our solutions for your business.




Cloud solutions

With the help of the Salesforce platform, improve every segment of your business and make your company or organization even more successful.Working together and communicating efficiently in every moment, from any location and any device. Successful business-performance for companies of all profiles and sizes.

Interactive education


Projection and presentation solutions

Transform passive listeners into active participants on every lecture. The interactive tools in the classroom and the solutions for eLearning bring desired results.Interactivity and a big screen for the most demanding audiences. From top-notch solutions for interactive presentations to projection equipment for all purposes.



Solutions for the creative industry

Excessive paperwork is history. Take advantage of the world’s best software solutions for creating electronic documents. eDocuments are the key for doing business successfully today.Everything for creative individuals in one place. From photo-editing software, design and video-editing software to colour scales and calibrators.