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Interactive displays

Displays for education and meetings are more than televisions. And that's why they have to have touch controls.

Interactive boards and kits

Classic boards cannot meet the needs of modern lectures and meetings. The difference is huge.

Portable STEM labs

Wireless data collection devices for scientific experiments in the classroom and in the field.


There are projectors and there are bad projectors that barely work. You need this first.

Projection screens

Rely on us for the best selection of projection screens.

Projection and other equipment

We know what you need to project an image to your audience, and we're happy to point you in the right direction.

Software solutions for education

Full support for the education you would like to receive yourself. Modern, interactive and useful.

Systems for voting and checking knowledge

There is no more rewriting, not even in elections. Who knows, knows.

Creation of educational content

Create your own interactive content. It's simple and super effective.

Selected brands
  • Helgi
    Helgi interactive screens come with zero-gap display technology, which provides a flawless experience of using 40 touch points simultaneously on the image with ultraHD 4K resolution!
  • Prowise
    Prowise offers an extremely fast and reliable screen with very low energy consumption. In addition, their screen mount has a full tilt option and the screen can be placed in a desk position.
  • InFocus
    Infocus offers projectors with excellent performance, long lamp life and affordable prices. Since they also offer additional equipment and quality brackets and stands, InFocus is a practical solution for projecting images.
  • Vivitek
    Vivitek offers a powerful team collaboration solution ideal for conference rooms, boardrooms or large corporate lobbies. Their offer includes quality projectors and NovoConnect advanced solutions for image transmission and sharing.
  • Celexon
    Celexon is one of the largest European suppliers of presentation technology. They have a wide range of products, from electric projection screens with remote control, various types of supports for projectors and screens, to professional HDMI 2.0 HDR cables.
  • Legrand
    Legrand is a brand that brings professional audiovisual equipment and devices, among which Projecta stands out with a wide selection of screens with different mechanisms, and quality Chief mounts.
  • Bachmann
    Bachmann is a manufacturer of multimedia connection solutions, i.e. desktop connection terminals intended for installation on the surface of the desk.

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    Furnishing the classrooms of Benedikta Kotruljević's school
    As many as 20 Prowise premium interactive touch screens perfectly fit into the plans of Benedikt Kotruljević's Private Gymnasium and School of Economics. The classic school blackboard has gone down in history, and screens are used for communication, sharing images from students' tablets, but also for meetings and testing knowledge.
    Rasco - equipping business premises with Prowise displays
    The new Rasco administration building also needed a new set of interactive equipment. Prowise Touchscreen displays of different sizes, wall lifts for displays, Logitech video conference system. Adequate setup for a serious client. And yes, in addition to all of the above, we also provided them with a sound system for the restaurant.

    Finally. Instead of a seller - a technology partner.

    We are always ready for partnership. The distribution of multimedia products, as HSM deals with, is a complex job that we could hardly do alone. We would like you to contact us if you are interested in cooperation. All inquiries are welcome, but we respond to quality ones especially quickly and happily.

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