A truly essential tool

Salesforce is the best CRM platform out there. It can move mountains for you.
To help you utilize it from day one - that's what we are here for.

Setup is key

That one thing you need to get right

Salesforce truly is all it promises to be: a cleverly thought out, super powerful CRM platform that can move mountains for you. But although you can just buy a licence and start CRM-ing, there is a caveat. The real magic happens only if you set it up according to your specific needs, size, business type and goals. The start of your Salesforce journey is the crucial moment of the process. It is now, right at the beginning, that you need to know what you are doing.

And that’s what HSM is all about. Being your partner. A business-savvy consultant with immense Salesforce implementation experience. We will know how to pick a set of modules and features that is right just for you. We’ll set them up, customize and configure them, fine tune them and then send you on your way.

Why HSM?

Your companion from day one
The process of customizing Salesforce is the core of what we do. You need proper consultancy in this matter. We come from a business background and speak your language. What that means is a simpler, more efficient final Salesforce package, because we will have listened to your inputs and acted accordingly
Experienced and certified
HSM has 30+ partnership certificates and rest assured holding on to these requires serious work. A battery of tests on a yearly basis means we need to constantly improve and prove our skills. On top of that, the HSM crew has very low employee fluctuation numbers - most of our experts have been doing this for years on end. This is good for us and absolutely great for you.
Customize for the win
That vast experience enables us to properly gauge out your situation. We'll choose the proper modules. Detect the pain points. Fine tune it all according to your needs. Make it work. There is no single Salesforce recipe that can be applied to all clients. We will set this thing up - together.
The pivoting point is - you
We have ample experience in all kinds of industries: manufacturing, high-tech/IT, media, automotive… But the ins and outs of a smartly structured business are more or less always the same. We communicate easily and are masters of best practices in a multitude of industries. The system will perform magnificently because it will be built around you.
proof of capability

And we have experience

This knowledge cascades down onto you. There is no point in having Salesforce in place if our clients are unable to utilize it properly. That’s the point of a long term relationship as opposed to a one time sales flip. You need to be able to count on us down the road.

salesforce in numbers

But don’t just trust us. Salesforce regularly does research to understand the return on investment of using Salesforce solutions. You can see the entire Salesforce ROI Dashboard here, but we chose just a couple of our favorite firm numbers to back all of this up. You might want to take a good look at these:

increase in revenue
increase in agent productivity
increase in Marketing ROI
faster resolution time
The journey

Implementation flow

We provide consulting, sales, installation and assistance, supporting you on all levels. The reason for being the official regional Salesforce partner is we don’t botch these jobs. If we take over, you perform. And this is typically what the process looks like:

  • 1
    You talk - we listen. It is pivotal we get to know enough about you and your business. What makes it successful? Where are you heading? What are your goals? What are your problems? What have you attempted so far in order to tackle them? It takes a while but has to be done.
  • 2
    There is no such thing as "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to CRM. Based on the inputs you provide we will use our skills and knowledge to discover a package that fits your business, timelines and budget.
  • 3
    This is the time when we create. Step by step, we transform your input and needs into a living, working solution. We'll keep you informed on the progress, so you know where we are within the process of your Salesforce implementation.
  • 4
    Your valuable data will be in the cloud, but we're not letting it fall into wrong hands. Data security is very high on our priority list. This is true of everything that flows through Salesforce.
  • 5
    Salesforce bursts with cool options and features. We will empower your power-users and other employees in simple day-to-day utility of Salesforce. And we will do it in a way that won't overwhelm them. One cannot unleash all these options on a user at once.
  • 6
    We are ready for takeoff! This is a great day for your company. Little by little we will bring all of your employees into the Salesforce family. Our joint efforts were not in vain, and you have officially become a customer-centric company!
  • 7
    Maybe you will open a new branch in a major city hub! Maybe you want to introduce a great new service to your customers or you just need an extra pair of hands to maintain your Salesforce package. We are here to stay, so you can count on our support all the way, no matter where your journey takes you .

Implementing Salesforce into Greyp

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We introduced Salesforce to Foreo
A very successful Swedish brand decided to become even better, and we were here to help them. This is another client who enjoys the benefits of Salesforce, and in this case study we explain to you how this business romance came about.
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