Adobe PHSP & PREM Elements 2018 WIN/MAC IE license

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The Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 2018 and Adobe Premiere® Elements 2018 software bundle combines software for easy photo processing and attractive video material creation software for all users.

Both products now come with a redesigned interface and many new features and benefits.

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 2018 enables you to:

  • Intuitively organize photos according to people, events, or locations where a photo was taken (Google maps geo-tagging)
  • Quickly and easily add professional effects, convert photos to attractive illustrations, remove unwanted elements, and sharpen your photos
  • Greater creativity thanks to various filters
  • Simply combining elements from different photos (exporting objects from one photo and inserting these same objects into another photo) thanks to intelligent Photoshop technology
  • Easily share photos (e-mail, Facebook, YouTube ™, Vimeo®), …

Adobe® Premiere® Elements 2018 omogućuje, enables you to:

  • Creating attractive videos in their entirety. Import and organize video clips, edit them manually or automatically, add effects, video transitions, titles, sound …
  • Add a music soundtrack that will automatically adjust itself to the length of the video with SmartsSound
  • Automatically edit your best video clips along with music, titles and effects from your favorite movie themes, thanks to InstantMovie.
  • Save time. Automatically fix videos taken with an unsteady hand, colors and illumination
  • Easy video sharing (Vimeo®) and viewing on any screen.

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