Corel Painter 2021 – electronic license, Win/Mac

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The best software for digital art

Make the transition from traditional to digital art completely painless, and achieve natural, professional results in less time, using Painter 2021. Expand the possibilities of your digital art using the phenomenal collection of the most realistic digital Natural-Media brushes in the world. Experiment with a variety of artwork by world-famous professional artists, including thick temples, gentle water colors, and full-bodied textures. Take advantage of the ability to learn within software, Photoshop compatibility, 2.5D textural photography, and leading photo-drawing tools.

Key features

Best realistic Natura-Media tools. Create art with software that easily blurs the boundaries between analog and digital thanks to wet, thick, and dry tools that look and behave as in reality.

Exclusive digital brushes. Create stunning artwork with unexpected types of media that you can find only in the Painter software. Particles and pencils that produce a pattern are just a part of what you can paint your imagination on canvas.

Simples tools for photo-painting. No experience needed! Open a photo, run the Auto-Painting option and prepare, automatically paint and restore the details with ease. Or dip the digital cloning brush into any photo and paint it manually, for personal touch.

Unrivaled compositions. Paint a masterpiece with perfect symmetry and perspective, using built-in compositing tools – mirror painting, kaleidoscope, guides …

Support for popular hardware and software. Open  and save .PSD files. Experience the benefits of a drawing tablet, for pressure, tilt, rotation, on Mac or Windows systems.

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