CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2020 – electronic license

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Technical illustrations perfect to the last detail

CorelDRAW® Technical Suite (formerly known as the Corel DESIGNER® Technical Suite) is a tool for creating technical documentation. Provides efficient and easy-to-use technical and graphical tools for precision drawing and image processing based on industry standards, significantly accelerating the design and manufacturing process. Especially suitable for technical drawers, illustrators, designers and architects employed in the automotive, aerospace and general manufacturing industries.

Create illustrations, diagrams, and technical documentation with the CorelDRAW® Technical Suite, a comprehensive visual communication technology solution. This package guarantees complete compatibility with the latest industry standards, such as file types, 3D content, precision drawing tools, and intuitive tools, thus supporting the overall workflow.

Key features:

• Sophisticated technical and graphical tools for precise drawing
• Support for industry-leading formats (over 100 leading formats, including ebCGM 2.x and S1000D, Microsoft Visio (VSD), Microsoft Publisher, SVG, DOCX, EPS, TIFF, PDF, and many more)
• Advanced 3D options
• A complete solution for visual communication

• New game-changing collaboration tools enable you to connect with clients and colleagues on technical designs like never before

See a detailed comparison with previous versions here.

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