Turning Technologies TouchBoard PLUS

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Get hands-on with instruction and allow participants the freedom to control and annotate content with fingertips. Touch Board Plus allows up to 6 multi-touch points to support collaborative material that utilizes every inch for interaction. Pen-and-finger system gives participants multiple ways to solve problems, write sentences or draw pictures for more engaging, hands-on experiences. Allow participants and presenters to write, diagram, manipulate and annotate over content with ease. Steel surface supports magnets when used with dry erase markers or in non-interactive mode.

Touch Board Plus Wireless Kit is the only wireless kit available for instructors to present with agility, without feeling tethered to the front of the room. The Touch Board Plus Wireless Kit’s 50 foot range provides mobility for small to medium-sized learning environments. With options to mount the Wireless Kit to a wall or Touch Board Plus frame, wireless connection will not be interrupted.

The AdjustIt 3 Stand (sold separately) allows the Touch Board Plus to be stationary or mobile. Easy-to-use system provides mobility from class to class and around the room, and enables educators to adjust the board to any height. The AdjustIt 3 Stand includes a universal video projector arm that is compatible with short throw projectors.


78" (format 4:3), 88" (format 16:10)

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