LiveCycle Forms Standard/Forms Pro

Adobe LiveCycle Forms Standard ES4 and Adobe LiveCycle Forms Pro ES4 make it easy to create, deploy, and manage user-friendly form templates, thereby improving operational efficiency and user experiences. Reduce development costs by using one template to render forms to paper, PDF, and high-fidelity paginated HTML5. LiveCycle Forms Pro ES4 extends forms to mobile devices with a browser while its Forms Manager application streamlines the process of updating, retiring, and managing thousands of forms.

Key capabilities

The Adobe Font Folio family includes:

  • Easily create and deploy XML-based forms in HTML5 or PDF.
  • Dynamically assemble fragments into interactive forms based on data-driven events or user input.
  • Support offline save, barcodes, and digital signatures in PDF.
  • Capture data and transfer it to core systems, streamlining processes and improving data accuracy.
  • Next-generation HTML5 rendering for tablet devices in LiveCycle Forms Pro supports highly accurate pagination, form scripts, and web fonts.

Download the Forms Standard/Forms Pro datasheet