AEM Forms – personalized responses

Put the personal touch on your multichannel communication 

Experience Manager Forms helps you create compliant and mobile-ready correspondence, and automate customer letters that help new and ongoing relationships grow.

Reach customers through any channel they use 

Create and send personalized letters, statements, and other communications to be received and read on smartphones, tablets,  or desktops — even in print.

Get the word out more quickly   

You can set up automated responses or create interactive document correspondence, and empower your team to quickly create documents at any time. Create unified, professional communications with document templates and maintain consistency, brand, and compliance using preapproved content blocks. Generate thousands of personalized documents in batches, triggered by business rules that you define. Also, end correspondence through a customer’s preferred channel, including web, email, app, or printed copies.

Key characterictics:

  • Responsive. Ensure that all documents automatically render appropriately for different devices.
  • PDF option. Offer downloadable PDF documents that clients can save or print for their records.
  • Publication to web. Publish to personal web portals so documents can be securely accessed anytime and on any device.
  • Interactive. Include dynamic and interactive elements in documents and links to self-service applications.
  • Integration. Merge with existing systems to create personalized and accurate statements.

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