A big picture is an integral part of all events today. Regardless if we’re talking about business presentations, conferences, seminars and meetings or lectures in the field of education, the projector is their inevitable companion.

Which projector model to choose? For you to be able to get around more easily in the great number of available models, we have sorted projectors in five categories.

Ultra-portable projectors

Ideal for business travel.
You can take it with you.
For efficient presentations on every location
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Office/Classroom Projectors

All-around projectors for the broadest group of users.
Flexible, Powerful Projectors that Are Packed with Value.
From low-cost to feature-rich.

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Short Throw Projectors

Big images for tight spaces.
Great match for interactive whiteboards.
Perfect for the classroom and office.
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Large Venue Projectors

Even for the most demanding auditorium and theater installations.
Superior HD color and dynamic design.
Ideal for big events.
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Home Theater Projectors

Stay Home and enjoy.
Ideal choice whether you’re screening a blockbuster, hosting a football party, or facing off in a cutting-edge video game.
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