Large Venue Projectors

projektori_za_velike_dvorane_infocusEven for the most demanding projections

The big multimedia halls require top image resolution with excellent light strength. Also, the specifics of building such spaces and scenes often require a need for lenses that enable projecting image sometimes from a greater distance but sometimes from a very small distance. So the so-called installation projectors as a rule hold the option for choosing different objectives that are interchangeable depending on the production needs. Such projectors are also equipped with a wide variety of video and computer connections. At HSM informatika you can find the projectors which thanks to their resolution, light strength, flexibility, attractive design and quality will satisfy even the most demanding conference, multimedia and cinema halls.

Choose the large venue projector that’s right for you


InFocus IN5310a Series


InFocus IN5550 Series

5000-6000 ANSI lumens / XGA and 1080p resolutions / 3D capabilities / Optical lens shift for install flexibilityUp to 8300 ANSI lumens / XGA, WXGA i WUXGA resolutions/ Six interchangeable lenses

Casio Pro Series

4000 ANSI lumens / XGA resolution / LampFree - laser and LED hybrid light source with a service life of up to 20,000 hours