Short Throw Projectors


Big Image for Tight Spaces

Projectors with a wide-angle lens (so-called „short throw”) are the ideal solution for situations where you need to project a big picture from a small distance. Precisely because of that they are mostly used in smaller meeting and presentation rooms or classrooms and lecture halls where they are usually combined with interactive boards. The wide-angle projectors provide big high-quality picture from very small distances without creating a shadow on the canvas or the smart-board, and that’s the precise reason that more and more often they are chosen by educational institutions and owners of smaller presentational halls. They’re a great match for interactive whiteboards in the classroom

Choose the short throw projector that’s right for you


InFocus IN124STx


InFocus IN126STx

3700 ANSI lumens / XGA resolution / great match for interactive whiteboards 77-79”3700 ANSI lumens / WXGA resolution / great match for interactive whiteboards 87-89”

InFocus IN128HDSTx


Casio XJ-UT310WN

3500 ANSI lumens / FullHDUltra-short throw ratio (0.28:1)