Ultra Portable projectors

ultra_prijenosni_projektori_infocusEfficient presentations on every location

Portable projectors are mostly the choice of managers, lecturers and generally the people who travel a lot. Precisely because of that, it is necessary they are as smaller and lighter as possible while being simple to use and powerful enough even for the most demanding projections. We have especially highlighted the models of projectors whose extremely small dimensions and weight puts them in the category of ultra-portable projectors. The newest among them are also characterised by a special type of light-bulb with LED illumination, which have a life of several tens of thousands of hours, so now you don’t need to think about the light-bulb life and the price of a working hour.

Choose the portable projector that’s right for you

InFocus IN1140 Series

InFocus IN1140 LightPro™ Series

InFocus IN1110 serija projektora

InFocus IN1110a

Small LightPro™ portable projectors with LED technology and WXGA resolution.The high brightness, light weight and compact size make it ideal for the traveling professional that faces unpredictable environments every day.
Casio green slim Series

Casio Green Slim Series

Perfect combination of design, technology and reliability.