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Use the multimedia tech at our disposal to raise the quality of your educational services.


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Technology is becoming more crucial by the day. The days of the blackboard are mostly gone and you need to adapt. We know there is so much to choose from and can’t wait to help.


Finding that right fit

We’ve been doing this for 30 years and offer the best tech in terms of both hardware and software. More importantly, instead of just selling all this stuff to you we will do an assessment and tell you exactly what makes sense for you specifically. Here is the bulk of what HSM can provide:

  • Projectors
  • Interactive blackboards
  • Interactive screens
  • Portable STEM laboratories
  • Poll and exam systems
  • Computer classroom management software
  • Online learning and education material production software
Case study
Upgrading the classrooms of the Benedikt Kotruljević private school
The 20 Prowise premium interactive touchscreens really upped the game of this great educational facility. The blackboards of our youth are gone. Instead, students can communicate, have conference calls, share their tablet's screen and generally have a better learning experience thanks to this technology.

The whole package

Most of this is hardware but we have the software to complement it as well. Let's figure out what your requirements are and find a quality package that will get the job done and fit your budget.
Interactive blackboards

Take lectures and meetings into the proper century

Interactive screens

Smart, adaptable and finally visible from across the room

Projectors and screens

Go bigger and properly convey the substance of your lectures

Poll and exam systems

Take full control. Tests, exams and polls will practically conduct themselves

Interactive measurement systems

If there is a need to measure it, there is a way to do it interactively

Education software solutions

Knowledge is getting smarter too

Ready to take your education to the next level?

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    Croatian Muscular Dystrophy Association now has an interactive screen

    On top of the height regulation feature, Prowise interactive screen can be adjusted to the sitting table level. It Was a must for this particular client and we have delivered


    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

    Lecture rooms are now equipped with all kinds of useful devices: projectors & interactive blackboards and screens. Knowledge became multidimensional and we proudly sport another happy client.