Case Study

Salesforce implementation at Greyp bikes



A very high end client

A sister company of Rimac Automobili, Greyp Bikes are creating the world’s first fully connected e-bike. It’s a pretty unique blend of performance engineering, AI, data gathering and augmented reality. These people solve some genuinely tough problems but don’t have the classic super stiff corporate culture. We clicked right away. Both Greyp and HSM were excited to work together on helping them expand their reach even further than the current 30 countries they are active in.


Shots in the dark

This was one smart client, and they knew they needed help: there was no real marketing overview after events & campaigns. With their current processes any pipeline or growth was difficult to forecast.
That made establishing a quality partner network very tough. The main pain point: inability to systematically track all of their customer data in one place. Things got lost, confusion reigned. It was just an less than ideal after-sales experience.


A clear vision

Better visibility of employee activities when communicating with potential and existing clients
Real-time data reporting relevant to Greyp’s management, so that they can make business decisions based on facts rather than intuition
Quality dealership network. Greyp are expecting that by 2024 most of their profit will be b2b generated, rather than directly through customers
Sales growth (that one was pretty obvious)
A better sales & marketing synergy. Most leads are marketing-generated and Greyp needed to know where the interest is coming from. That makes it possible to target better in the future


Salesforce to the rescue

We established what Salesforce calls a frictionless customer journey, from first contact all the way to customer support. A Sales activity tracking tool was implemented, with well defined stages of sales (from potential customer to the final deal being struck). We improved, digitized and automated many existing business processes. Reports previously produced in Excel spreadsheets were replaced by reports within Salesforce, with real-time data. Interactions with customers used to be difficult to track as they mostly happened via email or phone, and Salesforce brought the ability to have notes of every meeting or call visible to everyone at all times, with automatic email logging.


A performing eye-opener

Salesforce immediately provided managers with instant insight into sales activities, and representatives finally mastered their sales pipelines. In addition, Salesforce has provided a 360-degree view of all available data on any specific customer or company, finally in a single place.
Increase in sales of x4 was the most obvious result. On top of that Greyp now has better customer and after-sales support and better monitoring of marketing activities such as events and campaigns. Data is finally properly structured in a single pool and just a click away. Reporting is now automated and the client can easily track the post-sales process of each product. We chose the right set of tools and meticulously applied it.

Increase in sales of 4x

Better customer and after-sales support
Better monitoring of marketing activities
Data structured in a single pool
Automated reporting

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