New Adobe Connect available

There is a new, redesigned version of Adobe Connect Available starting this month.

Connect 11 comes with a fresh, minimalistic and intuitive interface, as well as numerous functional improvements.

Simple and adjustable interface. Your perfectly designed stage is now easy to manage too. The new broad panel Manage Layouts view can help with its quick search, select, drag, rename, and delete capabilities. Also, automated MP4 buffering and GIF support will create a much better multimedia experience and performance.

Smoother recordings. Now view recordings and edit them right inside an HTML browser – edit timeline or index or add bookmarks. You can even remove Pods with personally identifiable information like chats or attendees. Adobe Connect preserves the interactive design of your live meetings into recordings. It allows viewers to access web links, download files, and participate in polls, quizzes, and simulations, just like in a live session.

End-to-end campaign management. From promotions to registrations to campaign conversion analysis to integrations with your CRM solution – a single platform for all demand generation workflows for large scale virtual events.

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