Ceiling projector mounts

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The ceiling projector mounts are the most convenient solution for mounting projectors. When choosing a ceiling mount, you primarily need to consider the material and the capacity of the ceiling where the mount is going to be mounted. The classical concrete ceilings are fit for all types (weights) of projectors and the ceiling mount needs to be chosen according to the height on which the projector needs to be mounted. As a rule, the projectors are mounted in line with the upper edge of the projecting surface (the canvas) and quite often they are also mounted slightly above the top edge of the canvas. For rooms with high ceilings and lowered ceilings, the telescopic wall mounts or the mounts that can be additionally lowered using special fixed-length extensions (poles) are used. The selection of the extension is large, from several centimetres to 2 or more meters. For more demanding spaces and a top impression the electrical built-in mounts are used, the so-called lifts, which hide the projector in the lowered ceiling when it’s not in use.