SMART kapp 42”

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The SMART kapp® 42 board enables you to collaborate with others in a simple but powerful way. Write and draw on the board like you would a regular dry erase board. You can then connect a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile device to the board.

How to use  SMART kapp

  • Connect your mobile device (download SMART kapp app at the App Store or Google Play and install)
  • Write with a regular dryerase marker
  • Save class notes as a PDF or JPEG
  • Share content in real-time with students

SMART kapp 42″

  • Dimensions: 92 cm x 57 cm (112 cm x 58 cm)
  • Write and erase on the sleek, glass surface without streaking or smudging
  • Dry erase marker (×3), eraser
  • Brackets and hardware for mounting the board to a wall

Tech specifications – PDF

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