Adobe Experience Manager Forms

Adobe® Experience Manager Forms
Automate processes, enhance communication, and create an advanced user experience

Adobe Experience Manager Forms is a unique application platform for digital business transformation. It is intended for documentary processes involving people in different roles – transactions with clients and suppliers, internal employee processes and document management are just the beginning of what AEM Forms can do.

Most popular AEM Forms uses: 

  • online services based on interactive forms
  • client and supplier correspondance management 
  • internal suggestion and approval processes 
  • outbound documents management 
  • documentation digitalization 
  • e-signatures 
  • documentation security 
  • documentation archiving 

The application of such innovative electronic services significantly improves customer experience, as well as the competitiveness and efficiency of the organization that applies them. Thanks to the application of universal HTML and PDF formats, all standard client platforms, including mobile, are supported.

The greatest popularity of AEM Forms application is in e-Business and e-Management, with the aim of migrating complex processes based on paper documents into business-integrated business services (ERP, CRM, PLM …).

Take a look at the details on all possibilities that AEM Forms brings to the table 

Business-friendly authoring. 
Create forms faster than ever with easy drag-and-drop authoring with options for complex input types, assigning rules, and more.
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Simplified form filling. 
Allow users to complete dynamic and responsive forms quickly using prefilled fields, help text, field validation, and e-signatures.
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Streamlined form discovery. 
Make forms easy to find, and present the perfect experience based on device, location or user profile.
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Personalized responses.
Create personalized, interactive documents and statements that customers can access from anywhere.
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Efficient processing. 
Merge form and document data with existing systems, and develop automated workflows.
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Proactive security and tracking. 
Secure sensitive documents and control and track their use.
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