AEM Forms – efficient processing

Put your form approvals on the fast track

Businesses are still suffering from the hassle of paper applications and inefficient manual approvals. We have a better way. Adobe Experience Manager Forms helps you keep your work moving and customers happy by introducing digital processes and eliminating data rekeying and paper archival.

Build a better system without starting over  

Iskoristite alate iz AEM Forms kako bi procesiranje dokumenata pretvorili iz zastarjelog i ručnog u brzo i moćno.

Key characteristics:

  • System integration. Experience Manager Forms integrates easily with your existing tools, such as line-of-business infrastructure and transactional systems, relational databases, and reporting tools. 
  • Form workflows. Use a visual designer to create workflows that connect data captured in forms and other sources. A dashboard tracks where forms are in the approval process.
  • Browser workspace. Let workers check their to-do lists and track the status of tasks through a workspace accessible from any browser, so nothing gets forgotten.
  • Mobile capabilities. Empower mobile workers to capture form data while offline out in the field and on any device.
  • Performance tracking. Monitor backlogs, work queues, and any key performance indicators that will help you improve form processes.
  • Quick e-signatures. Eliminate traditional signatures, faxing, or postage with Adobe Sign integration.

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