AEM Forms – streamlined form discovery

Fast and flexible form discovery 

With the use of streamlined form discovery, Adobe Experience Manager Forms helps you quickly guide customers, on any device or channel, to the form they need. It lets you manage forms, editing and publishing them to desktops, mobile sites, and apps — all from the same hub.

Put your forms where they’ll be seen and submitted 

Send the right offers to the right customers through the right channels. It’s easy because Adobe Experience Manager Forms integrates seamlessly with Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager Mobile.

Key characteristics: 

  • Easy integration. Use seamless Adobe Experience Manager Sites integration or APIs to easily add forms into your existing WCMS.
  • Layout options. Choose from several form layouts that offer icons and descriptions for forms.
  • Dynamic search capabilities. Allow prospects to use full text, tags, and other properties for form and document search.
  • Location detection. Detect device type and use geolocation to present only relevant forms.

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