HSM in 2023

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to look back and that’s why we’re proud to share our 2023 achievements with you. Despite the challenges we faced, with your support and commitment, we achieved significant success in various areas of our business.


When it comes to Salesforce CRM, we now 55 successful implementations under our belt, thus achieving a significant step towards providing top solutions on the market. Winning the Salesforce Community Impact Partner award confirms our commitment to promoting equality, diversity and sustainable development within communities.

Maintaining user satisfaction is key to the stability of our organization, and by continuously working to provide high-quality services and support, we have maintained a high standard of satisfaction among our users.

We have expanded our international presence by cooperating with clients from the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sweden, with particular pride emphasizing the cooperation with our first UK client.

In order to strengthen and develop our employees, we expanded the consulting and development team with three experienced new members, and we additionally strengthened our team with 16 new Salesforce certificates.

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In 2023, we achieved significant success in Adobe distribution, achieving an outstanding 20% market share in Eastern Europe, with an additional 15% growth in the Polish market. We expanded our activities, created partnerships with key stakeholders, and by entering the markets of Georgia and Moldova, expanded our network to a total of 22 markets.

We are proud to be part of the prestigious Adobe Education Elite program for the fifth year in a row, which confirms our commitment to advancing education through technology and innovation. These figures and achievements reflect our commitment to excellence, innovation and expanding impact at local and global levels. We look forward to new challenges and opportunities in the coming years.


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In cooperation with CARNET, our initiative was recognized by equipping more than 300 schools with Globisens interactive measuring devices, giving students the opportunity to independently conduct tests in chemistry and physics laboratories. In addition, we are proud to point out the increase in sales of interactive screens by 30%, while we have successfully expanded our activities to the Slovenian market, building bridges of cooperation with educational institutions in the region.

In the area of collaboration and productivity, we achieved significant growth by increasing the portfolio of Google Workspace licenses by more than a third compared to the previous year. Our technology solutions have attracted ten great technology companies and leading agencies to become our users in 2023. This collaboration is evidence of our engagement in providing efficient and innovative tools for optimizing business processes and facilitating collaboration within organizations.


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In 2023, we also dedicated ourselves to socially responsible business, where we directed more than 30 thousand euros. We held the already traditional HSM summer camp for gifted children on Sljeme, in which 15 children participated this year. They learned about 3D modeling, the use of mobile outdoor applications, solving logical puzzles and cryptography thematically located in the surroundings of Sljemen, they also learned financial mathematics, as well as interesting workshops with Lego bricks, under the mentorship of lecturers Bojan Branisavljević, Sebastijan Havrlišan, Association “Na putu prema gore”, Toni Milun, Association “Gradionica”. Nothing would be possible without the great team from Komunikacijski laboratorij and the association Dar.

Also, this year we continued awarding scholarships and supported nine scholarship recipients, including four high school students with disabilities.

HSM in general

What we are particularly pleased about is that this year we successfully expanded the new edition of our Easy Biz Friday event and dedicated it to topics that are rarely discussed at similar conferences, namely transformation on levels that are not only business, but also personal. We are happy that the community has recognized the importance of such open conversations and we hope that we have started a positive trend for the future. We are grateful to our panel guests Boris Trupčević, Aleksandar Stanković and Mladenka Majerić, as well as moderator Ivana Paradžiković.

As an employer, we are proud holders of the Luppa Top Workplace awards where we are among the first winners, and the confirmation and winning of the MAMFORCE Change advanced certificate means a lot to us, which confirms our commitment to transformation and inclusiveness. It is important for us to provide employees with a balance between family and business life, and initiatives like this are the right step in achieving that goal.

In an extremely dynamic and challenging year, we achieved a significant increase in turnover of 20%, with a total turnover of 17.5 million euros, which testifies to our dedicated work and cooperation with partners. These achievements are our motivation for further success in the coming years.


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in the end...

Thank you for your fantastic support! We are convinced that together we will build even more successful moments in the future.