Interactive displays as the future of business

We have been talking about digitization of business for several years, but the question is to what extent we have put it into practice. Full implementation in all segments requires the full commitment and engagement of all employees within the company.

The most difficult part is the decision to leave the status quo and change the current way of doing business. Changing established practices opens up new business opportunities and initiatives, and digital transformation is necessary to ensure sustainable progress.

One of the fastest visible ways to digitize business is the use of interactive display in meeting rooms, conference rooms and common areas that are used for different purposes.

New technology

Transform your business

Interactive screens in meeting rooms represent a significant step forward in the interactive communication of employees. While some companies still rely on projections and whiteboards, interactive screens can display participant details, charts and multimedia in full, rich 4K resolution.
Built-in applications and cross-platform functionality means that meeting organizers can perfectly manage their content, and meeting participants can be present live or remotely.

Digitization and innovation in business through screens are the current business must-have in content transmission, while content created on the screen can be stored and shared with other users via email, QR code, WhatsApp or other platforms.

In addition, interactive screens serve as information and communication solutions that:

  • you display a presentation (or any other content) and manage it on the screen with the possibility of various types of marking (annotations) and using content from the web, applications, HD photos or 4K video
  • you improve the digital collaboration of your employees and clients (70% higher mutual engagement)
  • you improve modern conferences (writing on the screen with 2 or 4 pens or a finger)
  • you enable high-quality remote work (online meetings) and thus save on travel costs
  • you improve the productivity and results of employees regardless of online or physical presence – more than 90% of information our brain perceives visually through an image



What do interactive screens enable?

  • they replace and combine in one device known tools such as projectors, screens, boards and speakers
  • you don’t need a computer to work on the screen (they have Android 11 installed)
  • there are no additional license costs
  • have built-in software that achieves full interactivity of participants (creation of materials, various notes and documents in various formats, videos, digital mental maps, etc.)
  • enable remote work
  • enable networking with multiple devices at once
  • due to the exceptional brightness and image quality, equal visibility is possible within a range of 179 degrees, i.e. from all parts of the room)
  • the amount of memorized content that is transferred to employees or clients is 55% higher


What is on the interactive display?

  • Windows or Mac OS
  • Wi-Fi
  • internet search engines
  • many applications (supports Zoom, Skype, MsTeams, Google Meet, …)
  • personal and shared disks (space for saving personal and shared documents)
  • table, text and presentation editors (the possibility of writing and marking any document from any source)
  • additional equipment such as cameras and portable stands that can be adjusted in height are also possible


One way to maximize the potential of your meeting room is to implement interactive technology that delivers a fully collaborative, interactive experience for all employees within the company.