HSM informatika and VSITE signed a cooperation agreement

HSM informatika and VSITE signed a cooperation agreement

The company HSM informatics and the University of Information Technologies – VSITE signed a framework cooperation agreement yesterday that will result in joint projects and provide students with experience from the real sector.

Thanks to this agreement, students will have the opportunity to apply to the annual competition for scholarships, do professional internships, get mentoring for professional and graduate theses, attend lectures and workshops led by HSM informatics experts, and work alongside their studies. The aforementioned forms of cooperation will introduce students to teamwork in a real business environment and teach them how to express opinions, negotiate and understand processes important for the overall business.

The agreement foresees cooperation between HSM informatics and VSITE on professional and scientific projects of mutual interest, with an emphasis on joint cooperation in the implementation of tenders financed through EU funds. The areas in which VSITE can participate in projects are the design and maintenance of network resources, the design, creation and maintenance of business information systems on all platforms, and the design of electronic components.

“We are extremely glad that HSM-informatika, as one of the longest-standing IT companies in the Republic of Croatia, recognized the University of Information Technologies as a partner for mutually beneficial cooperation. We believe that our students will benefit the most from this cooperation. Among other things, the College of Information Technologies has recognized the potential of the leading customer relationship management solution, Salesforce, and we will be glad to include it in the teaching and business processes of the College of Information Technologies,” said Ph.D. Milorad Nikitović, Dean of the College of Information Technologies.

“In times when it is an increasing challenge to find and retain top IT experts and there has been talk of a shortage of specialized staff for years, we decided that we do not want to be passive observers and commentators of the current situation, but to approach the challenge proactively. We consider the cooperation with the College of Information Technologies, whose students, professors and leadership are highly valued, to be a natural continuation of the great cooperation of previous years. This is long-term, but for HSM-informatics the only correct way to develop specialized colleagues, who will contribute and one day lead our Salesforce solution implementation projects in leading companies in Croatia and the region, but also in the world. So far, we have successfully implemented Salesforce in dozens of successful companies such as Greyp bikes, Rimac Automobili, IN2 and 24sata. We believe that this is just the beginning of the digital transformation in which we will need different profiles of new Salesforce specialists – developers, consultants and business analysts, which is why we are extremely looking forward to this cooperation,” said Jakov Urbanke, director of the Cloud Consulting department at HSM-informatika.