Held Easy Biz Friday - HSM & Salesforce event

HSM and Salesforce held on Friday, 11.11.2022. at The Garden Brewery, the Easy Biz Friday event, where those gathered had the opportunity to hear how and how successfully leading regional companies from various industries navigate the waters of digital transformation.


The event was opened by Michal Mravinač, Regional Sales Director at Salesforce, who in a short keynote speech emphasized the importance of technology, especially in today’s conditions where the amount of devices and data on them is growing, doubling every three years.



How to use all this data, keeping in mind that the client must be at the center of everything we do? This is one of the questions that the participants of the first of two panels tried to answer. Marketing Director at Plodina Maja Eškinja, BI Manager at Franck Ivan Jurković, Marketing Director of Greyp Bikes Vladimir Karmelić and Global Head of CRM at FOREO Hrvoje Odak participated in the panel devoted to marketing, and they were led through the discussion by Ognjen Bagatin, owner of the platform Poduzetnik.


On the second panel, the one dedicated to sales, MB Frigo CEO Nikola Meštrović, Old Pilot’s CEO Tomislav Anadolac, Telegram sales and marketing director Petra Velijević and Affidea Hrvatska key customer manager Hrvoje Čorić shared their experiences with the audience, and as moderator, Lider journalist Roko Kalafatić joined them.

The “Biz” part of the Easy Biz meeting was concluded by our Dejan Rogan, Head of Business Solutions, with a short lecture on how to reconcile marketing and sales. He shared an interesting statistic with the audience – 94% of marketers say that their customers expect a personalized experience, but only 26% of them think that their organization has a successful personalized customer approach strategy. That’s exactly why solutions like Salesforce CRM are important to help achieve such a thing.



The gathered ended the day with an “Easy” part of socializing in the pleasant atmosphere of The Garden Brewery. We are already looking forward to the next event!