HSM & Luppa - how we became even better?

HSM has been working for years to ensure that our working environment is balanced, healthy and relaxed. That’s why one of our favorite awards last year was the Top Workplace award from Luppa, which was an additional confirmation that we really created the kind of work environment we want.

Luppa is a tool for surveying and analyzing employee satisfaction and engagement, thanks to which companies can quickly gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts and feelings of their employees. What initially attracted us to Luppa was their team who understood our needs very well, but also their efficient approach to what we needed. As an intuitive tool, it enabled us to conduct anonymous satisfaction surveys in all relevant segments.

Thanks to the Deep Dive survey we conducted together with the Luppa team, we discovered that the overall level of satisfaction among our colleagues is already very high and gained deeper insight into specific segments that could be further improved to create an even better environment.

We’re very glad that we decided to embark on this journey and we invite you to read Luppa’s detailed case study about our experience!