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CONI brings flexibility to the work surface as it enables free, individual access to power. CONI’s minimal mounting depth provides sufficient space, even if installed near the edge. A wide range of standard surfaces also ensures design freedom.

When closed, the surface of the furniture and CONI produce an even surface. If power or data connections are needed, CONI can be opened, the desired plugs plugged in and closed again. The integrated brush insert prevents the cables from jamming.

With CONI, you are free to decide how the sockets are configured because the power strip can be quickly replaced without any tools.

Bachmann CONI S configuration:

(1x220V, VGA+audio, 2xLAN)


  • Integrated into the top of the furniture
  • Minimal mounting depth, robust frame design
  • Integrated brush insert for closing once cables have been plugged in
  • Power strip can be changed quickly
  • Suitable for subsequent assembly

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