ResponseCard LT

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ResponseCard LT is the latest cost-effective clicker. LT utilizes the same, reliable radio frequency technology as standard clickers, but has been reengineered to incorporate cost reductions that ensure reliability of response transmission in a durable, compact case. Optimized for any size presentation environment, ResponseCard LT operates on patented two-way RF technology. An LED light on the clicker indicates that responses have been received. ResponseCard LT features a simple, five button input to facilitate easy participant responding. Its compact size makes LT easy to transport and equip in any environment.

Possible answers:

  • Multiple choices (a,b,c,d or e)
  • True/false
  • Multiple selections

ResponseCard LT Specs:

  • 6 keys
  • Lightweight, compact size
  • Ultimate durability
  • Reliable RF Technology – transmits responses accurately, timely and effortless to USB receiver


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