HSM & Salesforce online event - Manufacturing 2.0

April 13th, 2021

Leaders of regional manufacturing companies and top experts gathered at an online event “Manufacturing 2.0. – New challenges in sales”. They discussed the matters of digital transformation and the way it can help companies survive in today’s market. 


Flexible systems with a wide range of possibilities are necessary for manufacturing companies to keep their position on the market – this is a conclusion of an online event Manufacturing 2.0. – new challenges in sales organized by HSM informatika. This event got together representatives of successful manufacturing companies  and media houses in the region, Nexe Group and SCGM, as well as Lider and Bizlife. They were acompanied by experts from HSM informatika and Salesforce.

The participants had an opportunity to hear about trends related to digitalization of business processes which became important to manufacturing companies. Leaders of such companies shared their experiences of doing business in the pandemics, as well as their opinion on what is ahead of us.

To sum up, companies today, especially those in manufacturing, need to stop focusing exclusively on products, but start focusing on clients as well – this is the only way to stand out in highly competitive market.