Making your business even better

HSM informatika as an Salesforce Consulting Partner, uses skills and know-how to find the best Salesforce solutions and tailor them to suit customers needs perfectly.

As a satisfied Salesforce user, we have already gone through all the challenges of implementing Salesforce in our organisation, so our customers wont’t have to. Our mission is to make Salesforce as easy to use as possible for every user in your company which will ensure a frictionless journey for your customers.

We make your business even better by:
Finding the best solutions for you
Tailoring them to suit your needs
Empowering your employees in day-to-day usage

We have and will keep investing heavily in our know-how of the Salesforce platform. Combined with our decades long experience in Marketing, Sales, Implementation, Training and Support we have a great skill set to help you in truly becoming a customer-centric company.

We have brick-and-mortar offices in Zagreb, Belgrade and Sarajevo from where we support our clients throughout Europe, no matter if they are already established companies with thousands of employees or a start-up sensation

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