IRISCan Book 5 White – portable-scanner

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Portable scanner for books, magazines and documents

IRIScan Book 5 is a standalone portable scanner that comes in three different colors (white, red and turquoise) with a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable USB rechargeable battery, allowing you to scan books, magazines, or documents without using your computer anytime, anywhere.

Scanned documents are stored in just one second on the supplied 4GB Micro SD card that comes with the scanner. You can quickly and easily save documents to your Windows or OsX operating system.

When scanning, the scanner is completely independent of the computer, and scanning technology is very easy – you just pull the scanner over the page. Using the included ReadIRIS Pro 15 OCR software, you can easily convert your scanned documents directly into the format you use in your favorite application: .pdf, .doc, .xls, e-mail, etc.

IrisCan Book 5 is suitable for various areas of use such as marketing materials and flyers, logistic slides, invoices, documents, receipts, but also for educational areas, such as scanning literature and notes. Up to 100 documents can be scanned daily.

Box contents:

IRIScan Book 5 scanner
Readiris Pro 15 PC and Mac software, on a Micro SD card
IRISCompressor Pro software
4GB MicroSD card (adapter included)
USB cable
Portable bag
Quickstart guide

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