Community Cloud

Access information, apps, and experts with Salesforce Community Cloud.

Accelerate your sales channels Build communities Connect your customers Drive employee productivity
A Partner Community connects resellers, distributors, and partners to increase sales. Partners can find information and experts, register new leads, update records, and manage funds, enabling them to close more deals more quickly. Connect and collaborate with customers, partners, and employees. Build a community for everyone critical to your business ecosystem. Build deeper customers relationships with a Customer Community. Customers can interact with each other, provide feedback, share their enthusiasm for your brand and product. Harness the power of our online collaboration software to create social, mobile, and branded Employee Communities. Enabling employees to find the information they need keeps them engaged and productive.

HSM informatika is in IT for decades, and we know and love technology. As a satisfied Salesforce user and Salesforce Consulting Partner we can make your business even better by:

  • Finding the best solutions for you, because each company has their own needs and challenges
  • Tailoring them to suit your needs
  • Empowering your employees in day-to-day usage


By providing overall service, from consulting and sales to implementation and education, we successfully respond to all users’ questions. Contact dedicated and experienced professionals, and get the best value from your CRM solution.

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